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Welcome to Gun Cleaning Adapter!
I'm an avid target shooter and one of my most annoying issues (besides running out of ammo, or a squib load) is the filth and gunky mess that's produced from cleaning and maintaining my firearms. I get it all over my hands and I'm breathing those vapors all the while I'm around it. It's a stinky, messy, and downright awful job. And who knows what routinely handling these nasty chemicals will do to our bodies?
Well, recently I've learned there's a very slick way of doing all the important and required cleaning without nearly any filth and far less direct exposure.
The Solvent Trap!
This website is devoted to the next generation of cleaner (healthier?) firearm maintenance using both the NAPA 4003 fuel filter family (including NAPA 4003, NAPA 4744, Wix 24003, and Wix 24744) and/or PVC parts purchased from your local home improvement store. These items are used as collection containers for all the chemical run off that exits your firearm's barrel. Just about anything can be used as the collection container, with the NAPA family of filters, PVC tubing, and oil filters being three reasonable and affordable options.

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9mm/40SW (9/16-24)
9mm Glock (M13.5x1LH)

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Black, non-reflective, and deeper fitting adapters! No longer will your adapters only screw in about halfway. These go nearly all the way into the NAPA 4003, retaining the original thread's watertight fitting! This is the one to trust!

The following Solvent Trap Adapters are available:

A common question that I get frequently: Is this really legal? YES. And why wouldn't it be? You're simply cleaning your firearm. Does anyone worry about the legality of cleaning their toilet? Sh!t No! Sorry, I couldn't help myself...
Remember, don't forget your solvent trap cap! As I said previously, this is a website about your solvent trap, and you will need at least one solid plug to seal the bottom of your NAPA 4003 or PVC design. Personally, I'd get 2, one for the top and one for bottom. This way, you can completely remove the rifle adapter and seal up the gunk and vapors.
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Everything contained within this website is only to assist you in creating a solvent trap used to contain by-products (solvent run off, carbon/lead deposits, and all the general cleaning filth) from firearm maintenance and cleaning.

Simply, don't do anything stupid or illegal and if you're not sure contact the ATF for assistance.